Monday, November 4, 2013

Word Problem Strategies

We are working on different strategies to use when working on word problems. One of the strategies that we are using deals with problem solving maps. The kiddos have to think about what the problem is asking and determine which "map" would work best for the question.

Our problem solving maps are:
Some and Some More (SSM) dealing with addition
Some Went Away/Bigger Smaller Difference (SWA) dealing with subtraction
Equal Groups Put Together (EGPT) dealing with multiplication
Equal Groups Take Apart (EQTA) dealing with division

Here is a visual of the maps that we use:

They are to determine the map to use, draw a box and label it, then fill in the blue spaces with the information given in the problem. They will then calculate the problem to determine the red box or missing information.

Another strategy we use is the CUBES strategy. We use this strategy to help us pull out important information in a word problem. Here is the CUBES strategy: 

Be on the lookout for your kiddo using both of these strategies to work through word problems!

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