Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wax Museum

Can anyone say "Awesome"? We want to congratulate all of our stars. The amount of work that was put into this project sure paid off, as they were fantastic presenters. Students and visitors were excited to meet historical figures such as Abe Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin, as well as, movie stars and athletes. They did a wonderful job and we are so proud! Way to go!

Field Trip- Friday December 6th

Our trip to the Dallas Children's Theater is quickly approaching. We will be leaving the school at approximately 8:30. Please know that we have no control over the buses and flexibility is always a must for us. The show begins at 10:00 and lasts 90 minutes. We will be back in time for lunch.
As previously stated, parents that paid for this trip last year ARE INVITED to join us, as planned. We apologize for limitations on additional parents joining and thank you for understanding this unusual circumstance. Parents attending may follow the bus or meet us there.
**Please know that we will have another "official 4th Grade" field trip in May and all parents are welcome!

The following are students who  previously paid ( in 3rd grade) FOR A PARENT to attend
(from Milot and Christian)
Lexi Joseph
Harmony Armstrong
Triniti McBride
Grace Christner
Josh Watson
Emily Williams
Maddie Hatch
Jose  Molina
Travis Goodnight
Cooper Limes
Talissa Smalley
Savannah Taylor
Kayleigh Contreras
Brandan Nurse
Joseph Turcios

Thank you for your support!

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