Thursday, November 7, 2013

Biography Assignment

We are so excited about the Wax Museum where we will dress as our character and present our information in first person (speaking as if we are the character). Time will continue to be given in class to research and prepare but you will also want to go through a few test runs at home, beginning next week. More details will follow.
**Please mark your calendars for Friday, November 15th. We will present the Wax Museum in the morning from 8:00am- 9:30am. We hope you can make it for the tour!

Spelling this Week

Unit 31 is hard this week. We will be working on it multiple times. In place of a typical test, I will have students complete assignments using the words in context. Spelling books will be used for reference when completing the assignments.
The pattern this week has been the /sh/ and /zh/ sound spelled :
sh as in shelter
tion as in election
cian as in magician
sion as in division
tient as in patient

Other examples include: invitation, shadow, publish, confusion, imitation, abolish, multiplication

Field Trip- Friday, December 6th

Last year, the Third Grade was to visit the Dallas Children's Museum to see a performance. Payment was made yet unforeseen circumstances did not allow them to make it to the show. A credit was given and we are using that credit on Friday, December 6th to see Stuart Little.
New students have paid since they were not here last year. The museum was also kind enough to honor last year's price, as it had a $3 increase.
***Parents that paid to attend last year will still be able to join us. Unfortunately, we can not add additional parents as seating is limited. Homeroom teachers will have lists of parents that are included to go, please check with them if in doubt. Thank you!
We will be back in time for lunch so you may send a packed lunch or have your child buy a lunch on that day.

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