Monday, October 28, 2013

Biographies Galore!

This unit for ELAR focuses on drama and biographies. We are putting together a fabulous project called a "Wax Museum". The kids are so excited! More detailed information regarding this museum will be posted at a later date, as it will not be presented until November 15th. 
The next couple of weeks will be used to gather research on the person of choice and complete a few mini projects regarding this information. This is what you need to know NOW:

Your child should have already chosen a person to research. I had over 80 books presented from which each may choose. ***If a student had a person in mind and a book was not available, each student was told to go onto the site and print out some info. regarding the person of choice. This was to be completed at home since the student chose to go to an outside source when materials were already provided. Materials were to be brought from home TODAY, if an outside source was chosen. Many came unprepared. Please bring materials tomorrow, as we will be in station rotations conducting research.  Please ask your child if they are prepared. Thank you for your help! You will be provided additional information as progress is made. Please refer to the pics below to see the forms that will be completed in class. 
Sorry for the second image being sideways! You get the gist. :)

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