Friday, November 8, 2013

Biography Project- Wax Museum- Homework

We are so excited for our Wax Museum! We will be presenting on Friday, November 15th from 8:00am-9:30am. The living museum participants will be presenting simultaneously and continuously. We will position everyone around the room and in the hall with a sticker on his/her hand. The sticker represents the "on/off" button. Anyone at anytime may walk up to a character and "push his/her button" to hear a short speech spoken is first person (Hello, my name is....).
The speech needs to be about 1-2 minutes in length and contain accurate details of significant accomplishments made.
All resources and materials are coming home today with your child.

Below are the tasks to complete before next Friday:

- Use materials provided to create a short speech.
-Practice the speech many times to (hopefully) memorize it for Friday.
-Create a costume and/or props to accompany your presentation on Friday.
*Please note that costumes need not be extravagant or expensive. Use things from around the house, neighbors, friends, thrift store, etc.

*Students will have a few minutes to change into any costumes before we begin and then may return to regular clothes before PACK.

Please join us and see our masterpieces!

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