Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Problem Solving Maps

We are working on different strategies to use when working on word problems. One of the strategies that we are using deals with problem solving maps. The kiddos have to think about what the problem is asking and determine which "map" would work best for the question.

Our problem solving maps are:
Some and Some More (SSM) dealing with addition
Some Went Away/Bigger Smaller Difference (SWA) dealing with subtraction
Equal Groups Put Together (EGPT) dealing with multiplication
Equal Groups Take Apart (EQTA) dealing with division

Here is a visual of the maps that we use:

They are to determine the map to use, draw a box and label it, then fill in the blue spaces with the information given in the problem. They will then calculate the problem to determine the red box or missing information. This is similar to the strip diagram in the previous post.

We began our new unit on multiplication at the end of last week.  It is important that kiddos become fluent in their math facts in order to make processing larger numbers easier.  This is a great way to support learning at home.  Students may choose to practice with flashcards, make their own flashcards, use their multiplication charts, Xtramath.org, or use games online.  If you need additional ideas for practicing multiplication facts, please let me know. I will post the different methods that your kiddos will use to solve double digit multiplication problems soon, so be on the look out!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Math Homework for Week of 9/29/14

Your kiddos will bring home a paper for homework this week that will have them pick a friend/relative to work with for the written assignment.  First, they will model how to use UPS check to solve a word problem. Be sure to solve using a strip diagram. Then they will create a word problem of their own and have their friend/relative solve the problem using the same method. Be sure to have them check the work! This assignment will be due Tuesday, October 7th.

Explanation of UPS check:

Understand the problem.

Plan how to solve the problem.
Solve the problem.
Check your answer.


Mr. Johnson's class has 21 students. If the seven of his students are absent due to heavy rainfall on a particular day, how many students does he have in his class on that day?

Explanation of Strip Diagrams:

Strip Diagrams are a tool designed to help students solve math word problems accurately and efficiently. Students model mathematical relationships and identify known and unknown quantities. The model provides students with an image that organizes information and simplifies the problem solving process. By modeling the word problems, students develop strong reasoning skills which will help them as they transition to algebra. Students are familiar with solving multi-step word problems, now they will use strip diagrams as a tool to solve these problems.

Alicia has $6 more than Bobby. If Bobby has $10, how much did they have altogether?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Homework for Week of 9/22

Math Homework

Using the internet, magazines, or the newspaper, students should identify at least 8 examples of large numbers used in everyday life. Numbers should be greater than 999,999. They can cut out this information and glue on construction paper or copy the information on paper. This assignment will be due Friday, September 26th.
Example: In 1994, McDonald's served over 99,000,000,000 hamburgers.

Science/Social Studies

Students brought home a Social Studies study guide on Friday and will bring home a Science review on Monday. Please quiz your kiddos on these reviews to prepare them for upcoming tests. Our Social Studies test is on Tuesday, September 23rd and our Science test is on Thursday, September 25th.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

iPad Apps

I know that some of you have access to iPads at home or might want some programs for your kiddos to do that don't require flash. Here is a list of apps that would help your kiddo with some of the skills we are working on this year. These are all free apps. However, some might ask you to upgrade, but it is not required to continue to play.

Thinking Blocks (all 3 apps) - this one is also available on the computer...here is the link Thinking Blocks (Your kiddo is familiar with this program as we use it in class)
Math Splash Bingo by DartFrog
4th Grade Friendzy by WS Publishing
iTooch Elementary by eduPad (This covers all content)
4th Grade Splash Math by StudyPad
Fourth Grade Learning Games by Kevin Bradford LLC

These are NOT required, I just want to provide some additional options at home (plus they are super fun educational games).

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Mrs. Milot

Monday, September 15, 2014

50's Day on Friday (9/19)

This Friday, September 19th, will be our very first Coyote Call Out! For each Call Out this year, we will be celebrating "heroes" from a different era. This Call Out will focus on the 1950's. Students are encouraged to put on their best 50's poodle skirts or roll up their jeans and be ready to rock and roll! (Ms. Christian and I will be dressed as members of the Pink Ladies!) We hope that everyone will be able to join us at 2:00 in the cafeteria for our 50's Coyote Call Out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014



Your kiddo brought home some math homework today. Please don't feel overwhelmed by it! There are twenty problems on it, but it is not due until Friday, September 19th. Some kiddos have had an opportunity to work on this in class and others have not. They need to be sure to show their work throughout the entire paper. I would also love for them to explain to you what they are doing with each problem!

Social Studies

We are working on Texas citizenship and celebrating freedom in Social Studies. I have attached a link to a game that will help further their understanding of the government. Get on with your kiddo and see how much you know!


We are continuing our work with properties and states of matter. I have attached some links to games that will help solidify their learning.
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Changing States
States of Matter and Physical Properties
Changes in Material
Videos on States of Matter

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Mrs. Milot

Monday, September 8, 2014


 This is one of THE BEST groups of kiddos that we have seen! It is hard to believe that we are only 9 days into the year! We are making the most of every day and accomplishing our goals efficiently so that means LEARNING IS IN THE AIR!
Grades were entered over the weekend and are available to view on Skyward. If you do not have access to your Skyward account to view grades and other information, please contact the office for your user name and password. This website will keep you up to date on your child's progress.Thank you!
You will notice more grades entered than papers you see come home. One of the main reasons is our format for learning during Reader's and Writer's Workshop. Each day, we have a mini lesson for both subjects introducing or reinforcing a certain skill/ or skills. Here, we write, draw, or possibly glue information in our notebooks. Daily grades are taken to reflect mastery of these skills through mini lessons in reading and writing. Notebooks are kept at school but will be sent home at times for viewing.
Please see the pics below as an example.

Monday, September 1, 2014



Your kiddo will be bringing home papers with ID cards for both Think Through Math and XtraMath tomorrow. These are two programs I would like to be used on a regular basis. Think Through Math (TTM) is an interactive math program that caters to your kiddos personal needs. They have access to a live tutor with this program! XtraMath is a web-based program to increase speed and accuracy. I can track your kiddo's progress with both programs and see where there might be a need for improvement. 

I consider these programs to be your kiddos regular homework. I would like to see them on them at least three times per week. I will also be giving out paper homework, typically on a weekly basis. It will be given at the beginning of the week and due back at the end of the week. I know that your kiddos are very busy with all their activities and they need time to be kids, so if there are extenuating circumstances I can be flexible. Homework will not count as a grade for me! It is only to provide more practice for your kiddo. If I feel you kiddo needs some extra practice on a specific concept, I might assign individual homework for your child as well. 

Some ways to help your kiddo at home:

Identify patterns in the real world Talk with your child about patterns they may see in the world. These could be geometric patterns, number patterns, growth patterns, etc. 

Play “Race for $1 Our class has been playing a game called “Race for a Hundred” using base ten blocks. This game can be adapted to play with money. For two players, all that is needed are about 25 pennies, 25 dimes, one dollar bill, and a die. Take turns rolling the die. The number indicates how many pennies to draw. As a player collects 10 pennies, he/she should trade for a dime. Play continues until someone can trade ten dimes for one dollar. Talk about the relationship of pennies to dimes, dimes to dollars and pennies to dollars. Can your child explain in terms of 10 times as much or 1/10 the amount?

Questions to ask: Describe the relationship between each of the places on the place value chart. (For example, the tens place is ten times bigger than the ones place or the tens place is one-tenth the size of the hundreds place.)

Please let me know if you have any questions!