Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hold on to Your Hats! This is Long! :)

We have much to share so please read all. Thank you!

Each Monday (Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday), we will have a pre-test. If a 100 is made, the student has alternative choices during Spelling for the week. This eliminates the student repeating material already mastered. I have been asked if spelling words are sent home and let me assure you that they are sent in the form of the pretest taken, not a handout from me. Students are taught a pattern for the weekly words which supports the philosophy that each should be able to transfer knowledge rather than memorize a list. Thank you for your support!

Green Team

Ms. Brandow runs the Green Team for the school and has the team collect the recycling bins each week. The team develops an awareness for global responsibility and is looked at as leaders. They will miss 15 minutes of recess one day a week to empty recycling bins in all classes. Green Team is exclusive to Fourth Grade. This year, Ms. Brandow is having students apply for these positions. Applications are being sent home and should be turned in by Monday.

Unfinished Work

The Fourth Grade Team has met to discuss options for unfinished work that should have been completely in the appropriate time given. One option is having the students stay after school. However, travel accommodations would need to be provided by parents. We want to provide this option so that students are not missing exercise during recess by having to stay inside yet realize the importance of staying on task and finishing the job. We will make you aware if your student is having difficulty finishing work on time so you may encourage your child to stay on task.

Upcoming Events

September 11th- Wear BLUE and support the Wylie Way.
September 12th- Curriculum Night and PTA Meeting- 7:00-8:00PM
Social Studies Test- Study guide will come home.
September 13th - Coyote Call-Out
**Note- Change in time- Call out begins at 1:30PM
Students and staff may dress as super heroes for this day.
September 19th- Math Test (place value)

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