Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Conference letters went home and are due back Monday. Please return all forms signed, even if you are opting out of a conference at this time. We would like to hear from each of you. Thanks!

Language Arts has had a busy but great week! The students really seem to be enjoying our first novel, Because of Winn Dixie. They are eager to read each day and moan when we stop. I will take that as a fabulous sign! Ask your child questions regarding this story thus far. If comprehension strategies are being used and details given, you may enjoy hearing the story just as much as we have enjoyed reading it.

Next week's spelling pattern will be using the suffixes -full and -less. I have uploaded a list for you to reference. Please remember, the pattern and examples are what we study, as test words may include examples given but not be limited to them only.

joyful                     powerful
helpless                  restless
restful                    playful
careless                  cheerful
useful                     thoughtful
thankless               powerless
peaceful                thankful

Over the next couple of weeks,Social Studies will cover early Texas settlers. We will explore tribes that inhabited Texas and early European explorers' journeys to Texas. Several art projects (in class) will accompany this unit, so I know we will enjoy ourselves.


Tardies are still an issue with my class. Please know that we begin right at 7:30 and students leave our room for enrichment time. When students are even a couple minutes late, they come in frazzled and miss instruction time. Thank you for your help in this matter. :)


We have run out of snacks in the room. If you would like to donate, we would appreciate it! You have some hungry kiddos in the morning!. LOL
Appropriate snacks would be pretzels, goldfish, cheez-its, honey graham bears. ***Please avoid any items with nuts, peanut butter, etc. Allergies are present.
Thank you VERY much!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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