Monday, September 9, 2013


We are beginning to enter grades, as students have now become acclimated to expectations and routines. As grading was completed by teachers over the weekend, it was evident that several friends did not meet their full potential and received grades lower than expected. For this first semester, we are allowing assignments to be "corrected". If your student comes home with a grade less than 70%, please know that the assignment can be corrected WITHIN THAT SAME WEEK and returned for an adjustment of no higher than a 70%. Thank you for your support!

Fourth Grade Shirt! How Cool!

This year, we have designed our very first fourth grade t-shirt! We are so excited! These shirts are, of course, optional. However, we KNOW all will want one. We designed this shirt around our grade level theme of The Green Lantern...slightly adjusted for educational purposes. These shirts will be able to be worn many times throughout the year; field trips, spirit days, etc. Please look for this order form in their folders today. The shirts are only $7 !!! What a deal!

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