Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wax Museum and Dinner Interview

The time is near and excitement is in the air! Our Wax Museum is always anticipated and enjoyed! Please join us between 10am-11am and be impressed with our work! 


Wax Museum- Students will present their persons of influence in 1st person form, as an autobiography and in costume (need not be elaborate). Each student drafted a blurb to practice in class. While memorization is not mandatory and students may refer to their speech, reading with no eye contact is discouraged. 


A letter was sent home giving directions for this assignment. Students were asked to imagine hosting a dinner for their person of influence. With careful consideration of lifestyle, accomplishments, and habits, what do you think your person would want to eat and why? Ideas can be literal (athletes with lean diets, proteins, etc) or figurative (Christopher Columbus with Boston Cream Pie). 
Students are then asked to create a menu (layout is up to you, we looked at several examples on the Internet) and list menu items for the evening: salad/soup or appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Menus are to be illustrated (drawn, cut out, or printed) and inviting. Again, size, layout, and materials are up to you. 
In addition, students are to bring 3 questions to ask their "person", if they were given the opportunity.

Have fun! I can't wait to see the creativity explode!

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