Monday, August 26, 2013

What a Day!!!

We had a wonderful first day with your kiddos! Transitions went pretty well and Ms. Milot and I will be working out a few unforeseen "kinks." That is always the case when beginning a new journey. We will have it down in no time! Your precious ones are impressively flexible and just rolled with it. Way to go!
Thursday folders will be sent this week. Please fill out any necessary paperwork and return as soon as possible.

Super Hero of the Week
To coincide with our school theme and build relationships in our classroom, we would like to highlight a "super hero" of the week. We will begin the rotation in 2 weeks. This "super hero" will have responsibilities/privileges both in and out of the room. Students will be notified on Fridays as to who the super hero is for the following week. He/She will be the leader all week and answer the class phone when it rings.
Monday- Have a buddy sit with him/her at the side table at lunch.
Wednesday- Read a special letter written by his/her parents highlighting his/her wonderful qualities.
Friday- The super hero will share the "Share Sack", containing (3) items special to him/her.
**Parents- Please write a short letter to your child expressing what qualities you appreciate about him/her. Place it in a sealed envelope (with the name on the front) and send it to us as soon as possible. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

Labor Day Holiday- Monday, September 2nd

Grandparents Breakfast- Friday, September 6th

Thursday Folder Volunteers
Ms. Milot and I appreciate the help offered this week to stuff folders. It is one less job for us and we are thankful for the help. We would love to get on some sort of schedule or rotation. Please feel free to respond (make comments) on this blog to offer specific dates or rotation ideas. Any mom/dad willing to organize this rotation is more than welcome. :)

Until next post,
Mrs C and Ms. M


  1. I can take this week and will be up at the school at 12. :-)

  2. Starting next week my 3 year old will be in pre-school on T/Th from 9-2 so I will have some time to help out if ever needed. Just let me know. :)

  3. I am also happy to help as needed. :)

  4. I am off every Tuesday so that day is wide open for me to help if you ever need it. :) And my husband is off on Mondays! Let us know how we can help!

    Melissa and Michael Hatch

  5. You all are amazing! Thank you for your support!