Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Glad You Asked...

What in the world have we been working on? So glad you asked! Let me share with you. 
This nine weeks focused on fiction and poetry, not to mention establishing routines for reading and writing. One of the favorite projects, for them and for me, was creating our "Who Is..." books while teaching the writing process. We began by reading the book Who is Melvin Bubble?  and learned the different perspectives of how each person/item would describe Melvin. We then brainstormed people/items who know us well, drafted a passage from their perspective using first person, met in groups and with me to conference edit/revise, and finally published our final copy. 
Btw, please do not be alarmed at how long these have taken to grade. There were multiple steps. Please know that all students are in good standing and missing grades will be added asap. Take a look at us in action.


We love using our iPads in the room. We were able to take our first Social Studies test on them, as well as, use them for stations. This year will offer so many more opportunities for us and we are thrilled!

Reading Buddies

As leaders in Fourth Grade, it is important to give back and invest in others. We have partnered with Mrs. Perkins' Kindergarten class and are setting great reading examples. We will help to strengthen their reading skills and citizenship skills over the course of the year. Our first task was teaching them proper skills and behavior in the library. We did a GREAT job!

Upcoming Events

October 22- Unity Day (formerly known as Anti-Bullying Day)
Student and staff wear orange.

October 27-31
Red Ribbon Week- Say No to Drugs!
Monday- Wear Red
Tuesday- Don't be Crazy and try Drugs!- Crazy Sock Day
Wednesday- Put a Lid on Drugs- Hat Day
Thursday- Be Intelligent, No Drugs- College Shirt Day
Friday- Superheroes Don't Do Drugs- Superhero Shirt Day
**Coyote Call-Out- 2:00pm

Parent Conferences

Notes regarding conferences came home today. It is first come, first served. Please return them as soon as possible. Thank you!

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