Sunday, September 28, 2014

Math Homework for Week of 9/29/14

Your kiddos will bring home a paper for homework this week that will have them pick a friend/relative to work with for the written assignment.  First, they will model how to use UPS check to solve a word problem. Be sure to solve using a strip diagram. Then they will create a word problem of their own and have their friend/relative solve the problem using the same method. Be sure to have them check the work! This assignment will be due Tuesday, October 7th.

Explanation of UPS check:

Understand the problem.

Plan how to solve the problem.
Solve the problem.
Check your answer.


Mr. Johnson's class has 21 students. If the seven of his students are absent due to heavy rainfall on a particular day, how many students does he have in his class on that day?

Explanation of Strip Diagrams:

Strip Diagrams are a tool designed to help students solve math word problems accurately and efficiently. Students model mathematical relationships and identify known and unknown quantities. The model provides students with an image that organizes information and simplifies the problem solving process. By modeling the word problems, students develop strong reasoning skills which will help them as they transition to algebra. Students are familiar with solving multi-step word problems, now they will use strip diagrams as a tool to solve these problems.

Alicia has $6 more than Bobby. If Bobby has $10, how much did they have altogether?

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