Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things to come...

Field Day
Remember that field day is tomorrow. Students need to wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and BRING THEIR LUNCH (if one was not already ordered through the cafeteria).

Math Project

As a way to tap into the “creative genius” in your child, I am asking students create a math board game to close out their 4th grade year. There has been wonderful success with this in past years, especially when parents point out the importance of producing work that the students are proud of. Your child will work in partners and be given four class periods to complete the assignment. They will draw to determine what concept their math game will cover. Most supplies (construction paper, glue, tape, etc.) will be provided, but some students may want to furnish other supplies from home (poster board, recycled board games, etc.) to the game. Games will be due on Monday, June 2. I think your kiddos will really enjoy doing this project, but may need some parental assistance to get their thoughts and supplies organized. The project guidelines are listed below.

Project guidelines:
  • Game must revolve around the math concept given.  
  • Game must include directions and all needed supplies. 
  • Game must be neat.
  • Game must be playable; students will “test” their game before the final due date to work out any issues. 
  • Game must be turned in by Monday, June 2nd
  • Students will write critiques of other students’ games, using constructive criticism. 

These are some examples of previous years projects.

Science Activity

We will be expanding our knowedge of technology by completing an augmented reality scavenger hunt about life cycles on Wednesday, May 28th. A specific app (Aurasma) needs to be downloaded on student technology to be able to access the information. As always, this is a free app to download. I have included a QR code that leads to the Aurasma app. All you have to do is scan the following QR code and set up an account through Aurasma. When your kiddo brings their technology to school on Wednesday, they will scan the app again and begin their augmented reality hunt. I know they will really enjoy this activity!

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