Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Things to Know!


Please be sure to send back the forms for the track meet:
  • Participation form- must return to go. 
  • Sack lunch form- optional if they don’t bring a lunch
  • T-shirt form- EVERY student is going to get a shirt for this day and PTA is going to make sure of it.  Parents are allowed to make a donation ($2,$3, or $4) dollars… or however much they want.  It will just help PTA cover some of their cost. 
The Cox Carnival is this Friday. Come join us for some great fun!

The STAAR Writing test is next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child has plenty of sleep the night before and has a good breakfast. They are going to rock this test!

Because of the STAAR test, ALL tutoring is cancelled for next week. Please make arrangements for picking up your child.

Math Activity:

We had a great time using our technology today on our scavenger hunt throughout the school. Look at some of the things we found!

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