Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Parents, we need your help! Even if you feel that you are not creative, please don't let that stop you. If you can cut or hang paper, you are perfect!

Each year, the Fourth Grade teachers host "Camp Write Along" two weeks before the STAAR Writing Test.  (Test is on April 1 and 2). We use this time to creatively review skills that will be seen and prepare for greatness.
The kids absolutely love it, yet much is needed to get ready for this event. We plan to start camp when we return from Spring Break.

First, we decorate the entire Fourth Grade hall as a forest/campground. Butcher paper from the workroom is used for grass, sky, trees, tents, campfires, etc.
**Please consider lending a hand to create this magical scene and be here Thursday, March 6th at 10:00. The more parents that show up, the quicker and easier it goes up.Thank you SO MUCH for your support!

Second, we love to serve s'mores and trail mix at a couple of the stations.
***We will need donations for the following:
M & Ms- plain
Chex Cereal
Cheeze Itz
Teddy Grahams
mini marshmallows
large marshmallows
Boxes of graham crackers
Hershey Bars- mini or regular size

Please consider providing a few items, if able. The kids absolutely LOVE it and the teachers cannot handle these expenses for 46 kiddos. We are hoping to be able to carry out this experience with all desired supplies to enhance the learning environment! Thank you very much!

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