Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

We hope you and your loved ones had a restful holiday! It is wonderful to see the bright faces back in our classroom and everyone looks mysteriously older. Yikes!

Intervention/Enrichment Folders

A brown manila envelope (folder) was sent home on the Friday before the winter break. I want to explain these folders in a little more detail so that they are used effectively and aid in success.
There are 2 items that REMAIN IN THE FOLDER AT ALL TIMES...
-The letter of explanation
-The Reading Response Log

All else will be changed out EACH FRIDAY.
**The important thing to understand is that the Reader's Response Log is only used WHEN A BOOK IS SENT HOME IN THE FOLDER. There will not be a book sent every week. Also, answers to the questions do not need to be written down, only discussed. Of course, the option to write is yours.

 Mrs. Milot will be providing Math and I will focus on reading/comprehension/fluency. Work in the folder will vary and focus on skills needed at that time for your child
For instance, I (Mrs. C) will be placing AIMS progress monitoring practice in the folder this Friday since we will have our second round of testing at the end of the month. ***The directions for how to complete and aid in this work IS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PARENT LETTER. Hence, the reason for it to stay in the folder with the Reading Log. Both assignments are timed. Students may use phone, iTouch, iPod, etc to set 1 minute and 3 minutes sessions.Thank you for your support!

**Please make sure that your child turns in their folder EACH FRIDAY. Thank you!

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