Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pizza, pizza, pizza

The wonderful parents are providing pizza for lunch tomorrow before Early Release. No lunches are necessary unless your child chooses to not eat pizza. Thank you, PTA!!!


Please have students wear their Green Lantern grade level shirts tomorrow (Friday). Luckily, they are festive green!

Intervention and Enrichment Folders

Folders are coming home today with your child. We have provided a parent letter and work to review over the holiday and/or week of return, as they are not due back to us until Friday, January 10th.


We hope you enjoy your holiday break and catch up on time with family. Please know that you and your child are blessings to us! Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Party and Early Dismissal Friday

Our holiday party will take place on Friday at 11:00AM.
**Early dismissal will be at 12:30.
Please bring a sack lunch or let us know you need to order a sack lunch from the cafeteria.
We know that some students may choose to eat at home after dismissal, however, we are providing a lunch time to ensure all students have an opportunity to be fed. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Homework and Testing

This week we are administering our Writing Benchmark. These tests will guide our instruction as we move into the winter term. Today, we completed Day 1 and we will wrap up with Day 2 tomorrow. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and a sensible breakfast. Thank you!
Due to this testing and our short week, we will not be handing out homework.

Holiday Store

Due to our campus being closed yesterday, the Holiday Store schedule needed to be adjusted. Please note our times below:

Christian homeroom- Thursday- 10:30-11:00AM
Milot homeroom- Friday- 11:15AM- 11:45AM

Coyote Call-Out- Friday

This week hosts our next Coyote Call-Out. Please join us at 2:00PM.
Students are encouraged to bring/ wear holiday hats and maracas (or other shakers) if you have them.

Texas Revolution Project

Your kiddo will be bringing home a paper that outlines a home project they will be working on during the week before the holiday break. Please look for this paper in their folders tomorrow. There will be three projects from which to choose. Please read all directions and choose the one that best fits your child's learning style.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like.....Ice !!!

Yikes! I have to say that I am beginning to think this field trip to the museum is NOT supposed to happen. LOL  After having to be rescheduled in 3rd Grade, a hassle to iron out details this year, and now possible ice in the forecast for Friday... one can't help but wonder.

At this point, everything is still on schedule. Unfortunately, we will not know anything for sure until Friday morning. With temperatures dropping so suddenly and weather patterns constantly changing, we will have to see whether we have just a cold rain or a sleet/ice when we are ready to go and what the weather will do while we are there. Dr. Truncale is watching everything closely, as are we.
**I will be updating the blog and emailing to keep you informed. Please check before contacting us.
A sound/safe judgment will be made and we are prepared to stay here, if needed. Thank you for your patience, as we are in the same holding position. The good thing is that this trip should only take 2 hours. Short and sweet.
Please check back for updates.


The district is giving a "mock" STAAR WRITING test next Monday and Tuesday to all 4th Grade students. These two days will run just as the actual STAAR test in April. We will test each day from 8AM- 12PM- (Less if everyone finishes early).
Each day will consist of writing one paper addressing expository or narrative text, as well as, multiple choice questions focused on revising and editing.
**If at all possible, please make sure that your child is present for these two days. This benchmark is very important, as scores will be used to guide future instruction. Thank you!

 Did Someone Say...Santa??

Holiday shopping is right around the corner for us! The Holiday Store will be open next week. Our scheduled time to visit is Wednesday 10:30-11:00. Please feel free to join us or send money for your child to shop for gifts.

Grades, Grades, Grades

Yes, the expected and feared "Drop" has hit 4th Grade. At this time in the year, we start to allow students to become more responsible for their learning. During this transition process, it is not uncommon for grades to fall slightly. Reading directions effectively and following through appropriately until the end is imperative. Many times, it is not the skill that is weak, but the amount of effort put into the assignment without the teacher guiding them through it several times. Our goal is to help each student become a successful, independent learner.

Cox Coyote Jingle Run 5K

Please join Mrs. Milot and I in our "jingly" shoes as we take part in our Cox fundraiser on Saturday, December 14th at 5:00PM. We hope to see you!